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Knox County Homeless Coalition

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Our Houses

Hospitality House is our family shelter with a maximum capacity of 22. We create a supportive community environment to allow people to feel safe and surrounded by positive supports while they are working their way back to independence and hope.

We also utilize campgrounds and hotel rooms from time to time in life threatening scenarios of abuse or weather related.

Most people are surprised that we can only shelter about 5% of our active case load at the Hospitality House. But as you probably know, shelter is just a part of the Knox County Homeless Coalition/Hospitality House story — we are a catalyst, the springboard people need to begin to break the cycle of homelessness.


Our mission is to be the center of excellence in breaking cycles of poverty and homelessness in mid-coast Maine, offering a comprehensive approach to helping vulnerable people build productive and self-sustaining lives by providing intensive wraparound client care as well as shelter when possible. Everything we do is delivered with respect, dignity and genuine caring, delivering on our promise of home, help, and hope.

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