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Independence Day Challenge
By: Becca Gildred
May 30, 2017

We help families help themselves get back to sustainable, productive INDEPENDENCE! ThermometerDo you believe everyone deserves a roof over their head, enough to eat and a chance at quality of life and future for our children?

And of course, all that leads to quality of life for us all.

Please help us reach our goal.

It is doable:

If 1000 people each gave just $100 we’d be two-thirds towards our goal. Or, if 500 people each gave $50 and challenged a friend to do the same, we’d change lives. If 100 people were each willing to commit to $1000 each we’d be well on our way to our Sustainable Independence by Independence Day Goal!

If you would like to schedule a time to take a tour of the campus and learn more about the work we do and the services we offer we encourage you to call us M-F 8-5, 207-593-8151.

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