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Spring Brings Hope of Life and Growth
By: Becca Gildred
May 22, 2017

I recently had the privilege of meeting one of our hard working clients. Jake used to be a fisherman taking care of his family. That career, as many can attest to, has its seasonality. So, when a combined injury and sudden foreclosure/eviction notice on the property they’d been renting occurred in the off-season, Jake found himself with no place to go. Racking up motel bills just to be able to keep his daughter from having to bounce around from school to school wasn’t working either, so in 2016 he sought the help of KCHC.

With the help of our housing navigator, Jake was able to find a place to rent that would allow his daughter to finish middle school and high school in the same district. But, housing is only part of the equation. Here at KCHC we feel as important as home and help is having hope for the future and helping people believe they have the ability to make their tomorrow better than today.

Having had some experience working for arborists in previous off-seasons and what looked like some time on his hands, because of the injury, he made the best use of the time he could and studied for his Landscaping and Arborists License Test. Knowing his strong desire to help himself, we were more than happy to assist with the fees associated with IMG_3015the test and license—and we’re proud as parents to report that he aced his exam! With business cards as a Christmas gift from a family member, he’s determined to get the word out

While chatting here at the campus on Old County Rd., and discussing the lilacs that surround the property, I was reminded that lilacs are one of the most winter-hardy ornamental plants around. And, in the winter they stand all gnarled and bare, yet with the warmth of spring and the right conditions of food and sun and sometimes a little pruning, they bloom into some of the most beautiful and fragrant blossoms around. Similarly, our clients tend to be some of the strongest people we’ve ever met, overcoming great odds, often coming to us in their most stark moments, but with the right combination of trust, love, healing, housing and hope, they too blossom into their best selves.

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