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What is Hope Worth?
By: Becca Gildred
May 23, 2017

What is Hope Worth?
Everything to the person who has found it.

What is a life worth?
Everything to the person who cares about them.

What is quality worth?
We think everyone who seeks us out for support is worthy of receiving it.  

After three years of doing this work, we’ve identified a system that works! An amazing 90-95% of our hard-working clients who remain active in our program are maintaining sustainable independence more than a year out—successfully living, working, and thriving in our community. But, this system, that works, can’t be automated, can’t be computerized. It works, because it is individualized, and humanized. It builds on trust, on building a positive human relationship. It works because we take into account the holistic human condition, we address needs that are not just economic and physical but also emotional and psychological. We spend the time necessary to unravel the complex and intertwined barriers to independence and help people—real people like you and me—figure out how to build up the foundations necessary to support themselves long into the future. This is not easy. This is not quick. This is not cheap. But, this provides hope. This changes lives.

We hope you’ll stand with us and answer the Sustainable Independence Challenge to raise $150,000 by Independence Day. Learn more here.

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