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Giving Tuesday . . . because it’s getting cold
By: Becca Gildred
Nov 27, 2017

GivingTuesday . . . because we’re seeing a 90-95% successful sustainability rate in those who follow through with our whole program

#GivingTuesday . . . because no kid should have to sleep in a car

#GivingTuesday . . . because being homeless doesn’t have to mean hopeless

#GivingTuesday . . . should be extended because homelessness is not solved by thinking about it just 1 day a year

#GivingTuesday . . . because 72% of the adults we work with do not have access to a vehicle

#GivingTuesday . . . because someone (or maybe many people) took the time to invest in you

#GivingTuesday . . . because relationships built on trust over time actually help shift ways of thinking and start to break the cycles of generational poverty and homelessness

#GivingTuesday . . . because creating a stable home today can help the next generation move out of poverty

#GivingTuesday . . . because the courage and tenacity of the clients we work with is encouraging

Whatever your reason, GIVE this Tuesday because it is the right thing to do.

#GT Heart



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