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Knox County Homeless Coalition

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How We Help

We’re here because we are needed.

Top 5 reasons for homelessness in our area:

#1 Lack of affordable housing
#2 Fleeing domestic violence and other abusive situations where their health and safety are at risk
#3 Unexpected unemployment or loss of income
#4 Mental health or substance abuse disorders
#5 Because of a combination of eviction, foreclosure, divorce, separation, death, illness or other circumstances

(based on 2016 data collection)

From temporary shelter to life skills, from a hot meal to help with a GED, whatever we can do within our power to help people break the cycle of homelessness, is what we do. We work hard, as do the people we serve. That’s because we truly believe that homeless is not hopeless. For most, it’s a temporary condition that can be rectified with hard work, perseverance, and support. Home Help Hope is that support system.

We provide help by:

  • Offering wraparound programming and support that is delivered by our highly skilled staff.
  • Shelter in different forms including the Hospitality House—safe, comfortable places to sleep.
  • Continually deepening connections and collaborations with community partners to have a broad range of programming options available for clients.
  • Supporting clients with respect, trust, caring, strict rules, safety, a sense of community and hope—often for the first time in years.
  • Providing housing resources and information.
  • Delivering programming that develops life skills and addresses issues that lead to or perpetuate homelessness.
  • Connecting to general support including medical care, housing, mental health resources, substance abuse treatment, job search, job skills, and growing an effective support network.
  • Peer and staff support system that results from communal living, grounded in mutual respect, empathy, and understanding.
  • Onsite education, training, and life enrichment programs in art, music, exercise, nutrition, and more.
  • Our “Hope on Wheels” van delivers kids to Headstart, gets parents to interviews and jobs and little ones to daycare, assists numerous clients with getting to medical appointments and connecting to other necessary services.

Additional Facts:

Clients who come from generational poverty scenarios often also experience cyclical family patterns of domestic violence, alcoholism, and drug abuse. The vast majority do not own automobiles. Most of our clients come to us with a combination of at least two or more co-occurring issue. Unlike situational poverty, the cyclical nature of generational issues is what often leads to the feeling of hopelessness. Without hope and the belief that tomorrow, and the future, can be better than today or the past there isn’t adequate motivation or energy needed to break the cycle. For this reason, we have put a significant emphasis on reigniting the spark of hope we look for in each person we reach. Our holistic and human approach meets people where they are and addresses their needs from a physical, economic, psychological, and emotional standpoint. We strengthen families, reaching multiple generations to strengthen our community for generations to come.

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